AMESE | 4th International Congress of Embedded Systems (ICES18)
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4th International Congress of Embedded Systems (ICES18)

10 Oct 4th International Congress of Embedded Systems (ICES18)




The Mexican Association of Embedded Software (AMESE) invites you to

The 4th International Congress of Embedded Systems (ICES18)

and the 3rd National Competition of Mechatronics and Robotics

March 07-09th 2018

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (Zapopan, Jalisco, México)

Call for Papers

                               Important Dates:

Article Submission: December 11th 2017
Acceptance Notification: January 13th 2018
Registration Final Date:   February 2nd 2018
Technical Program Publication:  February 19th 2018 
ICES: March 07-09th 2018 


Call for Papers


The "Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara"

and The Mexican Association of Embedded Systems



Invite students, businessmen, professionals, teachers, researchers and persons interested alike to be part of the 4th International Congress of Embedded Systems (ICES18)


These activities have purposes such as:


Serve as a mean to all the technological advances in the fields of Embedded Systems and IT that take place in several countries.


To provide quality technological information to all of the attendants, related to the tendencies and applications in all areas of the field (contests, conferences, workshops, show room).

    • Encourage interaction between government entities, educational institutions and companies to acknowledge and assess the scope in the field.

    • Generate interaction between professionals, companies and technology developers to enhance knowledge, technological innovation and their corresponding enforcements.


      In this year's edition, papers that present enforcement and/or corresponding development will be accepted by (but not exclusively) the following topics:

    • Mobile Apps Development.

  • Better Practices in Embedded System Design.

  • Applications of Embedded Systems (non limited)

      • Entertainment
      • Domotics
      • Education
      • Automotive
      • Energy
      • Aerospace
      • Medicine
      • Industrial
      • Robotics
      • Mechatronics
    • Automation and Control
  • Intelligent Systems.

  • Embedded Systems Trends.

  • Real-Time Operating Systems.

      • Validation and Verification
      • Dynamic Verification
      • Best Practices in Testing.
      • Static Testing.
      • Debugging.
    • Formal Verification.
  • Multiplatform Systems.

  • Embedded Systems Complexity.

  • Software Development Methodologies.

  • Wearable Electronics.

  • Physical Design and PCB.

  • Firmware.

  • Hardware Architectures.

  • Embedded Systems Performance

  • Drone Design and Development

  • Benchmarking and Tools.


Those who are interested in presenting their research work or their applications in the aforementioned subjects, should submit their paper written in Microsoft Word (preferably in English) before December 11th, 2017 to the e-mail : or it can be uploaded to the EasyChair System.




Works that don't fulfill the invitation's instructions and the established format will not be accepted. The accepted works will be presented in the Congress dates, during parallel sessions where the speakers will have 20 minutes to show their presentation and answer questions made by the attendants.

All the authors will be notified about the status of their paper before January 13th, 2018. Depending on the status, they should comply with their paper's inscription fee and send the final version of their work by February 2nd, 2018.

Given the case of Embedded Systems Research or developments, the presentation will be able to be in a POSTER and the speaker will be able to bring prototypes or systems to ICES and present them in the ShowRoom, where the best developments will be awarded.

Download Template

Download Template




The proceedings of the technical papers will be published in the form of a book with each paper accepted as book chapter with ISBN.
Best papers will be published as a special issue and a hard copy will be printed and send it to the authors (only one hard copy per paper).

Congress Location

The venue for this 4th International Congress of Embedded Systems will be held at Zapopan, Jalisco, México.
Specifically on the “Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara” facilities.


4th International Congress of Embedded Systems:

PAPER AUTHOR: $2,500 MEX (or $150 US-dlls). ATTENDANTS:

Professional non-member: $1,500.00 M.N.

Professional member: $900.00 M.N.

Student non-member: $800.00 M.N.

Student member (affiliated enterprise, students' chapter or individual membership): $400.00 M.N.

Groups from 15 students(non-members): $600 per student



1 Printed copy of the Congress' special issue.
Diploma to the paper's authors.
Diploma for the presenting author.
Showroom access, poster area, contest area and stands. Additional materials.


A CD with the International Congress' Memoirs.

Diploma to the participant.
Showroom access, poster area, contest area and stands. Additional Material.

Reserve your place making the payment of your inscription fee.

Please notice that if you don't register online prior to the congress, your certificate of attendance will be sent to you by e-mail (pdf copy)
Tenga en cuenta que si no hace su registro previo en línea, su constancia de asistencia se le enviará por correo en un documento pdf.

Contest Register
Workshops Register
Conferences Register

You may request the inscription data and/or additional information to the following email:

General Coordinator - Dr. Marco A. Aceves Fernández:

4th International Congress of Embedded Systems:

Evaluation Comiteee

Dr. Edgar Rivas Araiza Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Dr. Manuel Toledano Ayala Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Dr. Luis Ricardo Corral Velazquez Libera Università di Bolzano, Italia
Dr. César Cardenas ITESM, Campus Guadalajara
M.C. Victor Mendoza Malagón Logie Labs
M.C. Omar Álvarez Cárdenas Universidad de Colima
Dr. Ramón Ramírez Villalobos CITEDI – Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Dr. Jesús Carlos Pedraza Ortega Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Dr. Antonio Luna Arriaga LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France
M.I. Artemio Sotomayor Olmedo Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Dr. Jorge Castro Godínez Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Dr. Alberto Álvarez Álvarez European Centre for Soft Computing, Spain
Dr. Sergio Camacho León ITESM, México
M.C. Juan Cabrera-Estéves University of Guanajuato, Mexico
Dr. Luis Lino Ferreira Engenharia Informática at ISEP, Portugal
Mtro. Alfonso Chacon-Rodriguez Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Dr. Jorge Soto Cajiga CIDESI, México
Dr. Juvenal Rodríguez Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
MSEE Salvador Almanza-García Vector CANtech Inc.
Dr. René de Jesús Romero Troncoso Universidad de Guanajuato
Dr. Juan Manuel Ramos Arreguín Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Dr. José de Jesús Rángel Magdaleno Instituo Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE)
M. en I. Ramón Balboa Arteaga Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Carso (CIDEC)
M. en I. Ángel Francisco Maldonado Mendoza Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Carso (CIDEC)

The organizing committee thanks the evaluators for their sincere and noble support in the evaluation and revision of all the submitted papers' content. Thanks to their valuable help, the memoirs quality and the congress' content is improved.

3rd National Mini-Robotic Contest

Mini Sumo Bases
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